Causes to Buy Generic Viagra Online

Generic Viagra is an excellent replacement for the original product – brand Viagra Pfizer pills. Having an identical composition and action, but the lower price makes the drug available. The drug effectively restores the mechanism of erection; temporarily restoring sexual health and allowing successfully enter into intimacy at almost any age. Buy generic Viagra in the pharmacy can be just a couple of minutes, with free shipping in the United States and United States of America.

What are peculiarities of generic Viagra?

Modern market’s laws allow analog expensive original, adhering democratic prices. Therefore, generic Viagra costs several times cheaper brand drug. Viagra that you can buy in our pharmacy was made ??by the Indian pharmaceutical concerns that have legal issues for purchasing pills. It is a major supplier of drugs in dozens of European countries.

viagra-pillsRemember that generic Viagra is the causative agent, so you can’t use it to increase libido. The drug acts only on the mechanism of erection, restoring it for a while. For sexual intercourse with Viagra, you will still need a proper sexual stimulation at first. Viagra is used only for maintaining erection.

The drug has a high safety, does not affect the reproductive system and is not a threat to the developing fetus. Generic Viagra is not able to cause dependence in addition to purely psychological and called quality of sexual intercourse.

Mechanism of action

Active ingredient Sildenafil 100 mg relaxes blood vessels of the penis, as a result of the natural process of enhanced blood flow and there is a healthy erection. Viagra belongs to the so-called inhibitors of PDE5 category. This is a modern group of drugs, which allows thousands of men around the world to live a normal sexual life.

The active component is Sildenafil acting on the blood vessels of the penis a man. Sildenafil relieves spasm of blood vessels, increasing their diameter and opening the way for the flow of blood, which gives the ability to have an erection.

Indications for use of Sildenafil

Viagra is indicated for disorders of erectile dysfunction caused by organic (vascular, etc.), psychological, and mixed disorders.

The standard dose for most men is 50 mg per day, one-time fee. Increase the dose should not be without a good reason (it is desirable to do so under medical supervision). Perhaps its reduction is up to 25 mg per day. High water pills drug, taking an average of an hour before sexual intercourse (effect may occur within half an hour – depending on the individual).

Significant amounts of alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of generic Viagra and inhibit its action until the complete absence of the result. Abundant rich food also postpones the effect of the drug.

Side effects of generic Viagra

viagra-oder-onlineViagra is basically a safe product: without causing serious side effects, the drug is not able to harm the body. The following side effects can occur after the use of Viagra pills:

  • headaches;
  • flushing;
  • stuffy nose;
  • digestive disorders;
  • dizziness;
  • impaired perception of colors, blurred vision.

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