Generic Viagra User Reviews

One year ago I was looking for reviews of generic Viagra, so decided to buy one Indian generic package of Viagra. Before buying I was keep asking the management of the website and they explained me everything I wanted to know. Now I buy and use only generic Viagra. The drug is not a great difference with the brand one but has a much lower price.


I was interested how generic Viagra increases the potency and causes erection! I tried to use Viagra pills. The drug works great and the price is good. Now I have a question– why to overpay for brand Viagra in usual drugstores when generic one is much cheaper? I will buy only a cheaper Viagra because the effect is great.


I took Viagra few years ago, the effect is great! After using Viagra I had few erection within an hour. I take a half of 100mg tablet of Viagra packs. Among side effects I noticed face flush and dry eyes for 1-2 hours after eating, and after 7-8 intakes of the pills, everything went smooth. By the time of action, for the night is enough two pills.


I decided to buy Viagra, because in conventional pharmacies prices are better 10 times more expensive, it is not clear why such a huge price. Order was delivered as promised, free and quickly. Generally try this generic Viagra; I can say that there are no differences from the original per pill, no. In one hour, there were two approaches after the first very fast recovery, as if nothing had happened.


According to my experience, Viagra is one of the most trouble-free and harmless drugs, compared with Viagra. Cialis often does not work. And Viagra always works, even with a drink and a hearty snack. The only time – buy Viagra in verified pharmacies, certificates, etc., the best in the state. I was afraid that Chinese and Indian generic Viagra are purchased on the internet can easily be a mixture of moose droppings with chalk.


My boyfriend had a very long time to bring our relationship to the bed and perform great. It turned out that I am his first girlfriend. Learning about this, I have found that it is a miracle, generic Viagra is much better than generic Cialis as for me.


I’m only twenty years old, but decided to try. At first I feared that Viagra will cause addiction, but one of the forums have calmed my phobia. Now, when I want to have great sexual intercourse, then I take a pill.


Yes! I take this drug! And I did not feel ashamed. On the contrary, let them know more people. I’ve been looking for it myself, tried a lot of money, looking for exactly fit me. Even the original pill is not that great as a generic. Use and forget about the problems with erection! With the drug you will have them no more!


I ordered the drug via the Internet for the first time. Viagra’s delivery was very fast. Did not expect such a great effect! Wife did not say anything, but she felt the difference after the third time for one night. And this is just from one tablet!


Got a generic Viagra soft and decided to check it out. The effect is very fast about 15 minutes and the effect is ready. My advice – you must take two pills in the evening, twice in the morning and two more times in the evening. This is certainly something super-duper. And because we are in front of it, with a friend drank a bottle of champagne, but it had no effect.